Current Video Marketing Landscape – Where Is Your Brand Standing?

Video Marketing Landscape

It is necessary to incorporate trending tactics to design a successful marketing campaign online. One such latest trend is Video marketing. An informative video covering a hot topic not only ranks high amongst search engines but also proves to be an efficient way to drive visitors to the website.  According to the survey conducted by Wyzowl for 2016:

  • “72% of businesses who use video believe that it has improved the conversion rate of their website”
  • “85% of businesses say that it’s likely they’ll begin or continue using video in the future”.

Video marketing is here and in all probability is going to be bigger than ever before. Check out how you can use video marketing to give your brand exposure it deserves:

#1 – Drive Quality Traffic to your website

Online users have to be impressed with what you offer in quick time. Google search engine for example gives prominence to video content for organic results. Target your niche audience by finding long tail keywords which your niche audience uses and add it up in the Video description, tags etc and optimize the video with schema mark up to make improvement in your brand exposure. Video marketing aids in brand exposure by:

  • Establishing Brand authority: Consumers identify with brands which do not use behind the curtain marketing tactic. Give your brand a significant boost with informative videos to establish Brand Authority.
  • Driving traffic with exciting appeal: No lengthy articles or data content rather with video marketing you can create awareness about your brand with effective lead generation.
  • Creating a fan base by educating audience: Use FAQ’s for quick remedy to whatever your audience might need information for.

Look for the keywords and its associated use in terms of phrases or how your audience looks for information regarding the services you market. Optimize your brand videos to answer the questions asked by your audience with informative video content. This way you establish brand authority while simultaneously attract audience to your website.

#2 – Add CTA to Optimize Conversions

If you happened to ponder upon “How to end your marketing videos” here is the answer. Amongst all the existing CTA addition practice adding a CTA link/button at the end directs audience to the next phase of marketing objective. The meager attention span of online audience is quite famous. No one checks for second page on search results and it gets quite boring after few seconds of reading a piece of content. Video marketing eliminates both the possibilities. Once you tailor video content according to audience interests a CTA link/button cashes in on the attention garnered.

A CTA in videos drives traffic to your website. Thus increases the conversion rate with increased traffic which already has been impressed with the video content.

Traits of an ideal CTA in videos can be summed up as:

  • Should be highly visible and simple.
  • Precise action information.
  • Drives traffic by pointing out the benefits.
  • Compatibility with various operating devices.

A prompt CTA completes a video with the already set objective. With video content you can promote services and when you add a precise CTA viewers know what to do next which can optimize the conversion rate.

#3 – Track Video performance with Engagement tracking

Marketing videos can be a great way to identify your brand value and your audience expectations. Track video performance to know how effective and appropriate video content is with respect to audience expectations. The data which you acquire with engagement tracking can also be used for future use. Engagement tracking is an important aspect which has direct impact on the ROI.

Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube offer in house video analytics to give insight into video performance. The tracking metrics which you need to be aware of are:

  • Action Taken: How many shares, comments etc for the video that you uploaded. You need to be able to view all these metrics. These are common engagement metrics that you need to be aware of.
  • Exposure: Exposure is great for brand recognition. How many were to access and view the video. Greater the amount of Action taken on the video greater is the brand exposure. Offering some incentives to the viewers can be great for video exposure.
  • Watch time: How many people actually watched the complete video or where did viewers loose interest need to be monitored to know how the online audience is reacting to the video.

For better exposure be part of the conversation that is happening on your video posts. Put your professional suggestion in every comment or discussion that gets initiated.

#4 – Give Your Brand Exposure with Video Podcasts

Today, millions of smart phone users have direct access to video podcasts directories such as iTunes. It can give your brand a massive exposure. The advantages being that you need not market your brand rather hold an informative conversation between two professionals and impress the viewers with the information provided.

You can provide the information in the form of:

  • Engaging stories
  • Cover “How to” long tail keywords
  • Information about product which you need to market.
  • Expert/professional Reviews
  • NEWS

A loyal fan base is generated when viewers see an expert talking about services or clearing air about some topic which gets shared across all the channels. With every informative conversation or topic you cover your fan base only grows.

The follow up step can be to direct the viewers to a brand web page, sign for subscription or newsletter. It can give your Brand that extra bit of tech savvy edge that online audience connects with. By incorporating podcasting in to your marketing strategy you can drive leads, give your brand exposure and increase your followers.

Video marketing helps you connect with your targeted audience with ease. The first step to start a video marketing ad is to know your objective. Is it brand awareness, lead generation or to sell products. Once you know what you want to achieve do not miss out on any of the above-mentioned points to maximize your ROI.

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