5 Best Marketing Tools To Steal Your Competitor’s Customers

Marketing Tools To Steal Your Competitor’s Customers

Time has come where you would want to have the customers of your competitor. Well, why not? Turning your competitor’s audience to your customer is just amazing. But this takes a lot of strategy to work upon. You need to grab their attention, do some research and alas prove those customers and your existing ones, as to why you deserve them or why is it worth sticking up with you.

Here are five marketing tools that could help you steal your customers.

#1 – Mention

The first step towards grabbing the clients will be doing the research work. You would definitely want to know what your competitor has that you don’t or what attracts the clients to your competitor? And what can you do to divert their clients towards your business or brand?

Thankfully, you have “Mention” to do this work. ‘Mention’ helps you to measure the customer’s sentiments and the number of social mentions. And if your competitor has business like Amazon and Facebook, you can check out their online reviews. This would help you save our time too.

While you doing your research work, focus more on the complaints and FAQs about your business or brand as well as the complaints and FAQs of your rival’s company.

#2 – Lookalike Audience or Follower Targeting

To gain the attention of your rival’s customers and audiences you have to be slow and steady. This means you have to be extremely careful that you don’t allow their clients to know that you are after them because they’re with the rival company. Doing this makes your business look like a predator.

The best way to do this is by operating highly targeted social media advertising. Using the information you gained from your research work, you can build up a content that interacts and engages directly with the clients. You should target their followers and audience on social media pages.

Facebook and Twitter provide features specially designed to target other profiles and accounts. Lookalike audience of Facebook allows you to directly reach the clients of other businesses. Similarly, Follower Targeting of Twitter creates categorized followers based on particular thoughts and business.

#3 – GetResponse

After gaining the attention of the rival’s fans and knowing that they have started liking your business, you need to make them follow you, subscribe to you and stay connected with you.

You can attract them more by offering a free product or something similar which is valuable. Additionally, you need a landing page. To do this, create some good content which includes discomfort and a desire to eliminate that. Don’t forget to use the colors to increase conversions.

Create a landing page that connects directly to your email would pop up like a boon for you. This is a wise choice anyways. GetResponse has created a squeeze page generator which grants you the access to create mobile-friendly landing pages. You can also make up attractive looking landing pages. This tool also includes the benefit of an email marketing software that directly connects the user to your email.

#4 – Shopify

The most effective sale is through email marketing. How? Almost everyone saves nearly every little thing in their email. So, get ready to utilize that email marketing strategy. Try personalizing the email for the reader. This could help your brand to gain and strengthen the bond between the mail receiver and sender.

Shopify uses A/B testing techniques to set up an online store to sell your goods or products. It allows you to organize the items, customize it, accept card payments as well as track and respond to the orders all by the click of the mouse.

By searching within the ‘Shopify’ blog helps your bring out top pages and social shares. The amount of social shares on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook will be visible to you. This helps in knowing what the customers like to read and what makes them content. You can use the ideas present in their content to get hold of the customers.

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