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SEO 101: A Stairway to Excel Online

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a comprehensive technique which improves the visibility of a website in search engine’s organic results. When done right, SEO drives huge and meaningful traffic to a web page. Engines like Google keep changing their algorithm frequently which makes SEO a challenging activity. But we’re here to assist with your SEO needs.

Who we are

A team of geeks who boast their SEO skills through the voice of its clientele. Our favorite past-time is the deconstruction of Google algorithm and learning new white-hat SEO techniques.

What we do

We improve the SEO of your website with respect to the Returns on Investment (ROI). Our keyword and link building SEO techniques give long term effects instead of quick fixes.

How we do it

Our REAP methodology focuses on 3 pillars: Links, Keywords & Social Media. Our powerful SEO strategy is backed by quality content marketing from top websites.

Whats Our Values?

We stay away from unethical SEO practices which may result in future penalties. A continuous measurement of KPIs and sources of traffic enables us to meet your business goals.

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The Modern SEO

SEO is not only limited to maximum keywords on a single page and strong backlinks anymore. With arrival of Panda, search algorithms are rushing towards naturally written high quality content. The current SEO is based on optimizing online media for User Experience, instead of optimizing it for the Search Engines.

How Are We Different

Our SEO India Team, at Semark Media like to keep ourselves updated with the latest buzz from the internet mogul Google. We avoid using old techniques of keyword stuffing and backdoor links. Our capable staff delivers top-notch content which gets posted on highly authoritative websites, yielding amazing results in no time.

Our Reporting Features

SEO is important but measuring its success is even more critical. Keeping that in mind, we provide detailed comparative analysis to our clients on a periodic basis. You can modify your strategy according to the results so that your digital marketing campaign stays on top of your competitors. Learn what the data says in form of graphs and visuals.

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Your comfort is our first priority.

How do we optimize your SEO?

To Find the best way

SEO is a continuous approach which takes time. We leverage multiple platforms to make you the leader in your industry. Our methodology aims to create a unique Brand Identity and spread it amongst a targeted user base. This unique audience is the one which has shown interest in your type of services in the past. Our procedure involves the following touchpoints:

Audience Data Analytics

Audience Data Analytics

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Keywords Research

Keywords Research

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Content Building

Content Building

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Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

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Reviewing and Revising

Reviewing and Revising

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Certainly! We target users on the basis of location so that you find relevant costumers. Our SEO makes you find an audience in a specific location or globally, according to your preference.
It does, with finesse! Videos and images are the best type of strategies for SEO. Youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google, making it the best platform for SEO.
Huge Business! With a properly executed SEO, your business gets seen in search engine results. It is time consuming strategy and you should wait 3-6 months for substantial results.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible !

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the magic tricks of present marketing industry. Its results stand the test of time and are valid for a long period. No SEO effort ever goes in vain. You can always resume the campaign at a later time. However, it is better to push the strategy in one go.

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93% of online browsing starts from Search engines. Irrespective of the domain, users enter Keywords to find products and services. Search engines rank websites on the basis of SEO. Better SEO makes a website rank higher in search results. It directly dictates the amount of visitors landing on your page.

Semark Media offers an all-in-one SEO service for a strong online presence on the digital domain. We take care of the links, content, keywords and deliver results that translate the stories of success. The results we deliver are semi-permanent which are based on the latest search engine recommendations.

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