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Content Marketing: Inbound Summit

Content Marketing is the cornerstone of inbound lead generation. A content marketing agency gives words to your messages and makes it visible to your clients. By virtue of high quality content marketing, your business gets listed in the highest Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). In essence, you don’t have to run after clients anymore, you get seen by the prospect when they need your service.

Who we are

Semark Media has an amazing team of content writers who have an industrial experience of over 10 years. We take pride in what we deliver and our associates back these claims readily.

What we do

Our team can write high quality content about anything at all. Ranging from digital marketing, radioactivity to any type of day-to-day activity, we write content with expert voice.

How we do it

We exhaust our REAP methodology to deliver content marketing services in a targeted manner. Our writers insert the best keywords for your business in an effortless and natural way.

Our Values?

Semark Media works with White hat SEO techniques. We work to make a better business for us and our clients and prevent them from future search engine penalties.

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Inbound > Outbound

Those days are gone, when sales people used to visit people and generate leads. Even the cold calls are losing its sheen with users blocking promotional calls. Nowadays, buyers make a purchasing decision with a detailed study from internet. Most of the times, this research starts from search engines like Google. This is why the demand for high quality content marketing agency is higher than ever.

Semark Media – The Content Pioneers

Experts at Semark Media curate content from top-notch platforms and create content marketing strategies after careful study of your business. We analyze the competition in market and deliver solutions which are not only effective but also lightning fast, just like us. Our backlinks are generated from leading websites in your domain where users get influenced towards your business, favorably.

Success Reported Seamlessly

Semark Media believes that whatever gets measured gets improved. All our content marketing services come with a detailed comparative analysis. These reports are shared with our clients on a regular basis. Depending on the content marketing reports, you can modify your campaign almost indefinitely. Measure your success in a visual format which is detailed but also easily consumable.

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Our Content Marketing Services

To Find the best way

Content marketing is an allied activity which involves high quality articles, engaging social media posts and constant SEO efforts. Semark Media aims to create a unique brand identity and make your business influential amongst a wide user base. Content marketing services from Semark Media involves the following touch points to engage with the right prospect at the right time:

Behavioral Data Analytics

Behavioral Data Analytics

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Keywords Research

Keywords Research

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Building Content

Building Content

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Link Building Outreach

Link Building Outreach

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Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

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Tracking and Reviewing

Tracking and Reviewing

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Internet is an ocean of information. In that vast landscape, users try to search for a product or service to satisfy their needs. The business that is conveniently available on Google or has a good online reputation wins the competition here. Content marketing solves this dual purpose and enhances your conversion rates.
Content is a broad term. It doesn’t only mean text and articles. When a content marketing agency says that they provide content marketing services, it generally means articles, backlinks and SEO. However, Semark Media provides customized content marketing for all types of companies, depending on their size and requirements.
If you are patient, you should expect huge business. Depending upon the competition in your sector, content marketing takes 3-6 months to show tangible results. Gradually, it enables your business to be ranked amongst the industry leaders, at least on the internet.

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Content Marketing is creating ripples in the marketing industry. It builds credibility and a layer of authority around your business. Semark Media goes beyond the usual content blast campaigns and creates comprehensive plan for constant stream of high quality content. Promote your firm and let audience find it naturally.

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Semark Media delivers content marketing services in a manner that the impact gets multiplied with subsequent posts. We interlink articles and other form of content like infographics, videos etc to create a pedestal for your success. Our analytics allow you to gauge audience response and segment them in order of quality.

Our key USP is custom-pricing. We check the health of your company and deliver tailored content for your business. Tell us your requirements and we will create a custom content marketing strategy to make your company stand out from the competition.

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