6 Golden KPI’s Every SEO Should Focus On

Golden KPI’s

For a steady growth on digital platform monitoring the performance of Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) is must. The complexity of SEO is that there is no fixed strategy for success. To rank your website amongst top searches of search engine results you have to make continuous tweaks to your existing strategy. It is an ever changing process where in you have to be in command of KPI’s to come up with instant solution to boost your online presence.

Here in this article we will talk about 6 golden KPI which can have direct impact on the growth of your digital presence and how to measure them.

#1 – Analyze Scope of niche Keywords

Keywords play a detrimental part in your SEO strategy. By comparing the current rankings with Google’s estimated search volume and competition rating you can put in better tactics to better your existing SEO strategy. With Google’s keyword traffic estimator SEO professionals can strategize better to cash in on a given keyword, get insight into the productivity of current keywords and also look for better opportunities.

3 Tools that can help you find keyword opportunities:

  1. SEMRush: Provides Domain v/s Domain analysis about your niche keywords. Get insights in to the performance of keywords useed by your competitors. With domain v/s domain analysis you can acquire data for the same keyword performance and you can export results filter by those which ranks in first 10-20 within desired search engine and market.
  2. Keywordtool.io: Long tail keywords are slowly getting prominence with Google Rich answers. Keywordtool.io provides you with results which an online user is using to search for information and also prove you with suggestions for long tail keywords. Run these results through Google keywords planner to get more results.
  3. Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool: This one helps you to sort the keyword results according to their difficulty in implementation i.e. to gain the desired visibility. The best part about this tool is that you can get keyword score for each term by averaging the score of each keyword you can get idea of who much effort is required.

#2 – Landing Page Performance

To reduce bounce rate landing page optimization is necessary. There are many aspects which have to be considered to enhance landing page optimization. The aim of SEO is to define the target audience and optimize a landing page for the targeted audience who are most likely to convert. To track landing page optimization performance add the below mentioned KPI’s to your dashboard:

  • Performance by Total Search Traffic: Ensure that people are seeing landing page by tracking and comparing the amount of people who are seeing landing page.
  • Performance for Organic search: Get insight into the performance of landing pages vis-à-vis total search traffic.
  • Traffic by Source/Medium: Know conversion rate, bounce rate, engagement based on the traffic sources.

Along with these makes sure to add landing page views, leads, and optimization statistics to your SEO dashboard.

#3 – Link Building Productivity

Back links or inbound links direct users to your web page. This is done by following link building tactics wherein a hyperlink is added to the content. Wit every back link it adds to the credibility of a webpage to rank higher on search engine. For legitimate optimization it is necessary to add quality back links and not point to irrelevant information that does not concern the viewer.

Instead of adding up URL directly in the content it is necessary to employ keyword opportunity to get hold of valuable keywords that highlight the piece of information a reader might be interested in.

Why are back-links important?

Search Engine such as Google recognizes these back links as a vote of trust in favor of a website. Every quality back link adds up to optimization. Better the quality of back-links and higher the number greater are chances to rank on search engine results.

To drive relevant traffic to a website with quality back-links write guest posts on renowned websites within your sector. To up your guest posting technique:

  • Write for websites with higher domain authprity.
  • Be regular with your posts irrespective of how many websites you write for.
  • Keep tack of all your back links with SEO tools such as Monitor Backlinks.
  • Make all your links look natural and avoid unnecessary linking.

For SEO back links are a great way to establish strong hold in niche sector and establish network of like minded professionals.

#4 – Domain Authority

Greater the Domain Authority higher is your search engine rank and high traffic on website. It is one of the KPI’s which determines the brand value on digital platform. One way to determine the domain authority of a website is to monitor the amount of quality back links pointing to a website.

Most SEO professionals understand that to attain DA of 100 is quite difficult as search engine giant Google is amongst those who have DA of 100. You can make significant progress to DA authority by:

  • Create content which others can find interesting and engaging to link to.
  • Form a strong interlinking between your web pages.
  • Get rid of bad quality or spammy back links.

Improving domain authority might take time. Be patient and update your SEO techniques and post fresh content side by side.

Make sure to monitor your Domain Authority by aligning it with link building metrics mentioned above to acquire complete insight into Digital marketing performance on a SEO dashboard. Keep a tab of your Domain Authority on Webmasters analytics Dashboard and Adwords campaign Dashboard.

#5 – Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic is the visitors who are directed by search engine without any assistance from advertisements or back links. For effective SEO it is necessary to stay in loop regarding the constant update which Google algorithm goes through. The ideal Organic SEO practices takes in keyword opportunity, link building into account. Keywords research plays a vital role in directing traffic without any third party help.

Refer to AdWords data to obtain keyword ideas and its trending implementation. Obtain fresh perspective into keyword use in consultation with AdWords team which can provide helpful data pertaining patterns or trends.

For helpful tools for keyword research refer to KPI “1” as discussed in article above.

To monitor organic search traffic it needs to be coupled with click through rates, link building metrics.

#6 – Keyword Click-Through Rate

SEO strategy needs to monitor the performance of a website with Click Thourgh rates. SEO responsibility does not end up with ranking website amongst top search engine results. How many of those people who look for relevant information actually clicks on your website link?

To gain significant insight into the productivity of any SEO strategy it is essential to monitor the click through rate. Here is how you can maximize CTR for SEO:

  1. Branded keywords: These keywords cater to wide segment of audience and have credibility associated with them. Online visitors are driven by the trust and appeal that is associated with Branded keywords. Click-Through-Rates significantly improve with Branded keywords. You can show the difference between the branded and non branded in the graph shown below:
  1. Search Intent: Google snippets get highlighted with the search intent of the user. The long tail keywords here in need to use to direct the user to precise instructions for their query.
  2. Device Type: Optimize your website for both the desktop and mobile use. So, when a user searches for some ordocut or information the AMP mentioned in the bottom corner will be just the boost needed to click on the link provided.
  3. Industry or Topic: CTR are also influenced by the industry or topic type. The user searching for technology, commerce or food requires better and improved information to be convinced to click on a particular link.

By optimizing a webpage with the above mentioned points the CTR’s will significantly improve. It is essential to show patience and monitor the results as it can be time consuming activity.

It is all about how much exposure one can gain with these important parameters. By monitoring and working on improving these KPI the strategy devised with these parameters can provide with substantial results to aid in the growth of any digital website.

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