How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Reach B2B Audiences

Use LinkedIn Ads to Reach B2B Audiences

LinkedIn Ads can amplify your business reach amongst professionals who share the same aspirations with productive results. The direct impact on revenue growth and lead generation are two vital components which makes LinkedIn Ads a much necessary entity to reach your B2B audience.

You can easily optimize your reach to the B2B audience by following below mentioned tips:

#1 – Set-up Sponsored Updates for Increased Reach

Sponsored Updates fuel the objective and aspirations of a LinkedIn Ad with greater productivity. Employ sponsored updates if you are looking to appeal for Brand awareness through LinkedIn Ads or want to create a buzz regarding any event or product. With Sponsored content updates you can:

  • Spread the word about your brand across all the channels. Use precise targeting options to reach put to your targeted audience.
  • Build a meaningful relationship with like-minded professionals.
  • Engage quality traffic to drive leads.

How to set-up a sponsored ad campaign on LinkedIn?

Access LinkedIn campaign manager which will direct you to choose from i.e. Sponsored Updates or Text Ads.

Select the Sponsored Updates button to set-up your Ad account. Fill your required information pertaining to your company name or showcase page set-up as shown below in the screenshot below:

Choose an informative campaign name.

LinkedIn campaign Manager allows you to either boost your existing campaign or start afresh Sponsored update. Here in as we are setting up a new Ad campaign click “Create new sponsored content”.

Target your niche audience by filtering according to location, job title, company name or other section as you can see in the screenshot below:

Choose a convenient bid and daily budget according to your investment. You can choose from either of two bidding options which are CPC (pay when someone clicks on the Ad) or CPM (pay for every view).

Launch your Ads campaign and make sure to keep tracking its progress. You can track the performance of your Ads campaign on the homepage of campaign manager under the sponsored updates view.

#2 – Use AdStage to Test your Campaign

As highlighted above, LinkedIn provides with several parameters to customize your Ad campaign for effective reach. Enhance your campaign ROI by adding Ad variants and run a test to see which one yields pettier performance.

You can run AdStage tests for both the Text Ad campaign and as well for a Sponsored Ad campaign. Create Ad variants to see what works best for and has better chances at increasing ROI.

Create multiple Text ads with different text or photos at once. When you create a text Ad campaign you can go about creating variants side by side by clicking on “Add variants” as shown in the steps below. To create variants to your Text Ads:

  1. Click Create Ad.
  2. Enter the Destination URL of your landing page. Click “Add Variant”.
  3. Enter the Headline of your ad. To add alternate headlines, click Add Variant.
  4. Enter the Description for an ad. To add alternate descriptions, click Add Variant.
  5. Upload one or more images for your ads.
  6. Multiple results are provided by AdStage.
  7. Select the variations you like, and click Create Ads to add them to your campaign.

For Sponsored Update Variations:

  1. Click on “Post a new company status update”.
  2. Enter the Update text and to add alternate text, click “Add Variant”.
  3. Enter the URL of your attached content. To add alternate URLs, click “Add Variant”.
  4. Enter the URL Title of your content. To add alternate Titles, click “Add Variant”.
  5. Enter the URL Description of your content and add alternate Descriptions, click “Add Variant”.
  6. Upload one or more images for your update.
  7. AdStage will create every possible combination and present you with the results.
  8. Select the variations you like, and click Save and Publish Ads to add them to your campaign.

#3 – Improve ROI with Cost-Per-Click

The prominent objectives of a LinkedIn Ad campaign are to improve brand awareness and to improve visibility amongst niche audience. Run experiment with your Ad campaign as highlighted above to see the most productive Ad campaign which can provide with better Click-Through Rate. The CPC price range depends upon the industry you cater to and can go as high as 16$ per click.

Things you should be aware of:

  • Click prices are dependent on external factors such as demand and inventory.
  • Ads which generate more engagement are shown with better exposure compared to the ones which do not generate audience engagement.
  • For impressive CTR and ROI go for industry targeted ads.
  • CPC price ranges from 4$ to 12$.
  • Minimum daily budget for LinkedIn ads is at 10$ a day.

#4 – Remarket with Google Ad-Words

Integrate Google Ad words into your LinkedIn Ad campaign works wonder for any B2B advertising campaign. The cost associated with LinkedIn CPC might put some off and that is where Google AdWords comes into the picture.

Google Display Network Remarketing can attract visitors from LinkedIn back to your targeted link i.e. your website.

Here is how you can set-up your Google Display Network Remarketing Campaign:

  1. Optimize your data feed to be sent to Google Merchant Center.
  2. Use Google Analytics to set your re-marketing goals and to design an Ad campaign. Here you must know what gives exposure to your campaigns such as which pages or products.
  3. To add website visitor to your remarketing lists install remarketing Tag. The online visitors added to your list are remarketed thorough Ads.
  4. Set up Google Display Network campaign
  5. Based on your target audience customize bids with lower bids on general user wile higher bids for visitors with high conversion chances.

Remarketing with Google Ads does not burn a hole in your pocket and has tremendous potential to yield desired results. Supplement your LinkedIn Ads campaign with Google AdWords for better reach and productive results.

LinkedIn has transcended its image of a resume sharing portal by smartly including B2B with social networking. From corporate giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or any other small enterprise LinkedIn can have a positive impact on the brand exposure as well drive leads for the benefit. All you need to do is smartly design an Ad campaign by keeping the above points in mind and make sure to include it in your efforts to reach B2B audience.

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