5 Best Content Marketing Tools and Their Features You Need To Know About

Content Marketing Tools

Nowadays, content marketing has been taken into focus. The better the content, the better the reviews of your website, web page, social sites, etc. Readers also demand high-quality content. Due to the excellent content quality requirement, the content marketing tools have increased at large.

For years together, several tools have existed, which have now been revised in addition to new tools. You can manage your workflow on Trello, write and save your documents on Google Docs, publish them on WordPress, and time your work or check how long do you take to complete your work via the Timely app. The content marketing tools have so much for the writers and non-content writers.

Below are the 4 best content marketing tools with their features that you need to know about.

#1 – Outbrain An Amplify Audience

Outbrain can be best used for the publishing and distribution of your documents. You can expand your audience via your content, blog, infographics, and videos.

Outbrain helps in recommending your content on search engines and in a higher position than others. Not only this, you can connect with your audience as well as have long-term relations with your customers and readers. Outbrain works to deliver more and more revenue to you and your business.

Through Outbrain, you get to know what kind of content is going for your enterprise and what kind of content is going against your brand. This helps in getting smart with money that you are investing in the content.

#2 – HubSpot  Inbound Marketing

HubSpot has several tools for monitoring your blogs, creating blog posts that leave an impact on people, landing pages, etc. This platform has social media analytics. You can also schedule your messages with HubSpot.

HubSpot attracts your visitors and converts them to closing customers. Hence, providing more control with less hassle and an inbound marketing strategy that is functional. This includes blogging, SEO, social media sites, website, lead management, landing pages, call-to-action, marketing automation, emails, analytics, and salesforce synchronization. It gives you the confidence to entrust the platform.

Having an all-in-one marketing platform makes your marketing less time-consuming and easy. This platform gives you more power as everything is integrated. You get an opportunity to close more deals. In fact, all your work is more systemized and organized. And you adapt to it more quickly.

#3 – BuzzSumo  Analytics

For insights and analytics on your writings, use BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo helps you detect, which were your best articles, the most influential ones, the most social ones, etc. You can also compare the number of shares on social media sites.

BuzzSumo is a great tool that could be used for content marketing and SEO campaigns. This tool has the ability to quickly find out the content that works well. It detects which content piece grabs the most amount of attention. BuzzSumo is also easy to use including the fact that it is visually simple and has compelling data displays.

This tool saves hours of research work. It is not only for businesses that are new in the market. BuzzSumo is also for the existing brands and enterprises that are looking forward to the promotion of their content. Additionally, this tool is available for both small and large teams as well as marketers at various levels.

In fact, there are several brands that use this tool. For example, Expedia, Yahoo, IBM, etc. use BuzzSumo to track the number of shares on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Publishers like BuzzFeed, Tribune Media, National Geographic, The Telegraph, etc. also use BuzzSumo. Agencies like Seer, BlueClaws, DigitasLBi, Ogilvy, etc. are not shy from using this tool.

#4 – CodeFuel Engagement And Monetizing Solutions

Users can discover relevant content on the publisher’s page via CodeFuel. This platform also helps in engagement and monetization of their online content space.

CodeFuel is a tool that helps you engage the users and monetize your content. By this tool, you engage your visitors by the targeted content in multiple formats and earn through it. The solutions provided by this tool allows the users to stay on-site for the longer time period and explore more pages which result in an increase in revenue.

Your online content could be worked on to provide more engaging and powerful revenue opportunities through texts, images, videos, tags, ad layouts by CodeFuel’s intelligent advertising platform.

It is available on desktop, mobile, tablets, etc. This also offers real-time analytics, custom reports, and advanced optimization tools to propel your traffic for the best revenue.

#5 – NinjaOutreach Influencer Marketing

Use NinjaOutreach for doing all your influencer marketing activities. It has multiple tools under one software to cover all corners of your outreaching efforts – within and beyond social media.

NinjaOutreach is a time-saving all-in-one influencer marketing tool. It has tools for searching top influencers in your niche filtered by most shared, most followed, and most tagged including the content they have shared or posted before. With that data, NinjaOutreach throws in contact details and customized email templates to speed up your outreaching.

Additionally, NinjaOutreach also offers Done-For-You services such as finding guest posting opportunities, creating expert roundup posts, and Virtual Assistant services for taking over your marketing activities. It saves you time with research while delivering expert quality marketing.

It’s a great tool for small businesses, individual bloggers, large agencies, and enterprises, or digital marketers. It is comprehensive, well-rounded, and completely accessible with their easy-to-use interface and budget-friendly price packages for marketers of all levels.

Content plays an important role. Content helps to convert the visitors into customers and loyal clients. The above-mentioned content marketing tools will help to create a sturdy content for your enterprise. They also help you to keep the content quality and standard high, and this ensures the engagement of users. Additionally, they simplify the marketing of your content by a great margin.

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